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Are you a yogi? If you are studying and practicing yoga, the traditional Indian discipline for spiritual growth that involves meditation and spiritual exercises, then the answer is yes. For yogis and yoginis (the female equivalent term that is sometimes used) “yoga” is much more than a form of physical exercise. It is a path to enlightenment, and liberation, freedom from the bonds of desire and karma.

Ashtanga Yoga is known as the “Eight-limbed Path” for the eight stages of yoga practice that a yogi passes through to attain awakening. These stages were first written about in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The first five limbs are external practices, and the last three are internal practices. These eight limbs show us the way to our end goal of Self realization. Study them. Meditate on them. Put them into practice and master them. This is the true way of the yogi.

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