Ayurvedic Travel Tips

Ayurvedic Travel Tips

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By Lissa Coffey

Co-founder of Tulsi Spa

Getting Ready!

  • Pamper yourself with a luxurious aromatherapy massage, especially if the journey is going to be long. The combination or aroma with massage is so relaxing, helping to ward off all the stress that comes with travel. Start with coconut or sesame oil and mix in one drop of sandalwood oil, or rose oil.
  • The skin gets dry during travel so make sure to pack good-quality skin care products. Look for Ayurvedic creams and lotions that are all natural and free of preservatives.
  • Buy a comfortable travel pillow — and fill it with healing herbs for a sense-soothing experience. Choose your pillowcase with care: it should be washable and soft, so your skin does not crease.
  • Be sure to pack some destination-specific beauty items: like sunscreen if you’re headed for a Hawaiian beach, an uplifting essential oil, jasmine for an evening under the stars, or Organic Rose Water to refresh hot skin on a summer day.

While Enroute!

  • Pressurized cabin-air sucks moisture from skin. Research shows that the dryness inside a plane matches that of a desert! That is why you will do well to drink plenty of water during a flight – carry your own bottles and ask for refills. Even better – infuse your water with spices like, ginger, cardamom and cinnamon to help unclog channels and keep you calm throughout the journey. Splash face with mineral water from time to time; and when not wearing make-up, gently rub mineral water on your face with the tips of your fingers — this gives the double benefit of rehydration and massage.
  • A long journey can cause the skin to puff up. That is why “palming” your cheeks at regular intervals — by leaning forward in your seat and resting your face in your hands for a few minutes, really helps. This light pressure on skin tissue reduces puffiness. Pranayama, or deep, easy breathing from time to time also helps. This increases oxygen flow in the body, bringing a glow to the cheeks.
  • Flying can cause sinus pressure to build: But you can make some simple moves to keep the pressure off: press gently under the eyes from inside to outside, massage the base of the ears in slow circular motions, and use revolving pressure on the temples with fingertips. Again, deep breathing helps keep the nasal passages open.
  • Keep nasal passages moisturized with Clear and Soothe – a natural nasal spray with sesame oil.

About the Author:

Best-selling author Lissa Coffey (What’s Your Dosha, Baby?, Song Divine) has embodied the Ayurvedic lifestyle since before her first book came out in 1997. She teaches Ayurvedic principles and philosophy all over the world with her Ancient Wisdom, Modern Style approach. She’s been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, and many other national and local TV outlets. Lissa has worked with Deepak Chopra, Vasant Lad, Vaidya Mishra and other renowned Ayurvedic luminaries.Tulsi Spa brings her vision of accessible Ayurvedic massage and treatments to Los Angeles, where she calls home.