Behavior Rasayanas

Behavior Rasayanas

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Rasayana means “recommendation.”  The following Behavior Rasayanas are for all of the doshas.  It is said that following these instructions will help us to avoid contradictions in the mind and therefore prevent physiological strain.  They are a reminder of the simple things we can do to help ourselves, and, in turn, to help the world.

-Be honest and kind.

-Be free from anger.

-Abstain from immoderate behavior.

-Be nonviolent and calm.

-Observe cleanliness in yourself and your environment.

-Be charitable toward others.

-Observe a regular daily routine.

-Be loving and compassionate.

-Be respectful, especially to teachers and elders.

-Keep the company of the wise.

-Be modest, have good manners.

-Follow your religious beliefs, be self-disciplined.

-Keep a positive outlook.

-Devote yourself to the development of higher states of consciousness.

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