Blissful Living with Ayurveda
6 Week E-course

Blissful Living with Ayurveda 6 Week E-course2019-09-30T11:27:51-07:00

Learn the benefits of living an ayurvedic lifestyle

  • Six week free course includes:
    • Week 1: Ayurveda and the Elements – what’s your dosha?
    • Week 2: Ayurveda and Digestions- it’s not just what you eat, but how you eat it!
    • Week 3: Ayurveda and Exercise – yoga for the doshas
    • Week 4: Ayurveda and Meditation – there’s no place like om!
    • Week 5: Ayurveda by the Seasons – as time goes by
    • Week 6: Ayurveda and Relationships – dosha descriptions
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