July 2019

Ayurvedic Advice for Sweet Sleep

By Lissa Coffey Our sleep affects our health and our general mood throughout the day.  If you’re tossing and turning, are restless, snore, or feel sleepy during the day, then [...]

My Ayurveda Story

Lissa Coffey I’ve always been interested in natural health and healing techniques.  When my children were born, I would investigate all of the options available to us to treat any [...]

Tulsi is the Queen of Herbs!

The herb tulsi is also known as “holy basil.” In Ayurveda it is called the “Queen of Herbs.” Holy basil differs from the basil that is used in Italian recipes [...]

June 2019

Krishna and the Peacocks

By Lissa Coffey Some of you have asked about the significance of the peacock feather on the cover of my new book Song Divine. You know how I love symbolism [...]