Illuminated eSports Earbuds

Illuminated eSports Earbuds
Art & Design
Apr 2023

The conceptual Cyberpunk earbuds have been designed by Tim Chen as a mobile audio solution for avid gamers and music enthusiasts alike to help them enjoy immersive feedback from anywhere. The headphones feature a futuristic form that plays with the aesthetics of both cyberpunk and the automotive design industry, which results in a a truly advanced set of earbuds. The earbuds feature an illuminated LED ring around the circumference that's visible to the onlooker from afar, while the internal components allow for impressive performance with any kind of audio.
The conceptual Cyberpunk earbuds are paired with an equally futuristic charging case to keep them powered up and stowed between uses. The earbuds are rendered with a trio of microphones on each earpiece to enable active noise cancellation (ANC) and crystal-clear calls.