“I want to thank you for the excellent massage I had today with Charlotte.  She was very good and has a very pleasant personality.

This was my only second time having an Ayurvedic massage.  The only other time being in India.  Very enjoyable massage, and I will definitely be back.”

Tom C., Glendale, CA

“Just had the most relaxing, stress-releasing, hour-long Dosha-based massage this afternoon at the new Ayurvedic Tulsi Spa in Studio City with the sweetest massage therapist Rachael. I feel so great!!

I experienced a combination of Abhyanga + Swedana treatments. Abhyanga is an oil-based massage using tridoshic organic oils from holy plants, including tulsi, sunflower, guduchi, brahmi, lavender flower, bali, arjuna and bhringraj; the massage itself consisted of long, firm strokes which help balance your body’s energy. After your entire body, which is still covered with these aromatic warm oils, has been completely massaged and you feel like all tension has been rubbed away, the Swedana part of the massage begins.

Swedana is a detoxifying sweat tent that envelopes your entire body, with your head out. So while I sweated it out for 15 warm and very relaxing minutes, Rachael, gave me the best scalp massage with oils. This must be what Heaven is like! Thank you!”

Kathy D., Los Angeles

“I spent my morning at the Tulsi Spa today. My appointment was transforming – so wonderful. My massage was super-refreshing, the herbal oils really lovely. Thank you Tulsi Spa!”

Janel S.

“I had the pleasure of one of the most incredible Ayurvedic massage experiences at Tulsi. I opted for something I’d never done before, abhyanga-swedana with Maribel. If you don’t know what that is it’s massage with Ayurvedic oils followed by a sauna with the oils covering your body and and forehead. It was intensely calming and I can only imagine the detoxifying qualities. Friendly kind, open hearted staff allowed a feeling of safety and security. Thank you Tulsi, just THANK YOU.”

Stephen D.

“Yes! I’m going back!! This was the best massage I’ve ever had. They used a steam machine for the last 15 min and you basically sweat out toxins. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend!!”

-Ophelia S.

“I had an great experience at your spa last week. When left I was totally relaxed and yet energized at the same time. Usually there is a pressure that sits just behind my eyes that disappeared and has not returned . Thanks again to you and your staff.”

-Eric B.

After a hectic day, I treated myself to a wonderfully relaxing Abhyanga and Shirodhara massage. I walked out of the spa feeling refreshed and stress-free. My massage therapist was absolutely amazing! He even offered advice on how to address a few problem areas in my body. I give Tulsi Spa my highest recommendation.

-Andre G.
Tulsi Spa's massage room.