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Project Description




Full, gentle body massage with warm herbal oils utilizing Dosha specific techniques to aid in removing toxins from the body and promoting energy flow. Improves blood circulation, relaxation/rejuvenation, reduces stress & nourishes the skin. The session is completed by placing a steam tent over the body to open the pores and allow the body to absorb the herbal oil.


Specifically blended oils are used to deeply penetrate the skin, relax the mind & body, break up impurities, and stimulate both arterial & lymphatic circulation. Specialized massage techniques are utilized to help restore hydration, circulation and elasticity to the skin. If adopted as a regular practice, Ayurvedic massage techniques may even help rejuvenate the body.


A tented steam bath used in conjunction with Abhyanga. Once the herbalized oils are massaged into the skin, a steam bath tent is placed over the body which is heated from the steam allowing the nutrients in the oil to absorb and the body is able to purge any mental, emotional or physical toxins & impurities lodged deeply within the tissue. The clients head is kept outside of the steam tent which keeps the head cool and allows for a sence of calm & openness without overheating & causing stress on the body.

“Strength, health, longevity and vital breath are dependent upon the power of digestion including metabolism. When supplied with fuel in the form of food and drinks, this power of digestion is sustained; it dwindles when deprived of it.”
Charaka sutra sthana, Chapter 28, verse 342