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Project Description

Integrated Therapies

  • ENERGY WORK (Duration: 20 minutes)

  • AROMA/SWEDISH THERAPY (Duration: 50 minutes)

  • BASTI or PINDA SWEDA (Duration: 45 minute)

  • HOT STONE MASSAGE (Duration: 50 minute)

  • COUPLES MASSAGE (Duration: 60 minute)


Hot stone being performed on client.

Hot stone massage being performed on client at Tulsi Spa in LA, California.


I want to thank you for the excellent massage I had today with Charlotte. She was very good and has a very pleasant personality. This was my only second time having an Ayurvedic massage. The only other time being in India. Very enjoyable massage, and I will definitely be back.
, Nov 14, 2019
I had an great experience at your spa last week. When left I was totally relaxed and yet energized at the same time. Usually there is a pressure that sits just behind my eyes that disappeared and has not returned . Thanks again to you and your staff.
, Nov 14, 2019
“I spent my morning at the Tulsi Spa today. My appointment was transforming – so wonderful. My massage was super-refreshing, the herbal oils really lovely. Thank you Tulsi Spa!”
, Nov 14, 2019
“Yes! I’m going back!! This was the best massage I’ve ever had. They used a steam machine for the last 15 min and you basically sweat out toxins. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend!!”
, Nov 14, 2019