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Monthly Specials


Slim & Trim Summer Special

Find your summer slimdown regimen with our Slim & Trim Summer Special!

Experience the opportunity to receive this package valued at $752 for only $495!

Book three Udvartana + Swedana combos: Udvartana is also known as dry powder scrubbing & Ayurvedic Lymphatic Massage. This technique utilizes a powder made from a combination of Ayurvedic herbs. It helps to break up ama in the body, and moves toxins to help lessen the appearance of cellulite. Swedana is a steam treatment that allows you to experience the benefits of a steam without having to leave the comfort of your massage table. This allows for the herbs to soak into the skin, promotes weight loss, and detoxifies the body.

One Ayurvedic Consultation with one of our Ayurvedic Specalists. Discuss dietary needs, and dosha based practices pertaining to holistic wellness.

A pair of Garshan gloves, and a lesson on how to use them for self-care, and cellulite appearance reduction.

A Slim Tea ‘aiming to tackle mental, emotional, and physical challenges associated with embracing a healthy lifestyle and controlling weight management.” – Davidson Teas


Love my Ayurveda facial!
, Sep 3, 2019
Love my facials! Highly recommend.
, Aug 15, 2019
It was good
, Sep 3, 2019
It was great Thank you
, Sep 10, 2019