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Project Description

Pinda Sweda


Pinda Swedana is an extremely effective therapy for any joint pain or general joint mobility issues. The main focus of this therapy is on soothing the aggravated nerves and pre-existing inflammation, which causes pain and increased inflammation. The herbs used it in this treatment are determined by the individual’s needs and condition, This will be discussed between you and your therapist before treatment.

Pinda Swedana massage being performed in our Los Angeles office.


“Yes! I’m going back!! This was the best massage I’ve ever had. They used a steam machine for the last 15 min and you basically sweat out toxins. It was AMAZING! I highly recommend!!”
, Nov 14, 2019
I want to thank you for the excellent massage I had today with Charlotte. She was very good and has a very pleasant personality. This was my only second time having an Ayurvedic massage. The only other time being in India. Very enjoyable massage, and I will definitely be back.
, Nov 14, 2019
“I spent my morning at the Tulsi Spa today. My appointment was transforming – so wonderful. My massage was super-refreshing, the herbal oils really lovely. Thank you Tulsi Spa!”
, Nov 14, 2019
I had an great experience at your spa last week. When left I was totally relaxed and yet energized at the same time. Usually there is a pressure that sits just behind my eyes that disappeared and has not returned . Thanks again to you and your staff.
, Nov 14, 2019