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Project Description

Pranic Healing


Just as we possess a physical body we also have an energetic body. Acupuncture, a well-known energy medicine, recognizes energy channels and uses needles to unblock the life force. Pranic Healing uses a comprehensive and specific treatment method of cleaning and unblocking this life force without the use of needles. By affecting the aura surrounding a patient healing can be performed without touching the patient. Once the body is cleansed of “dirty energy” specific energy treatment is administered to replenish the body. For each special health problem Pranic Healing provides a specific sequence for cleaning and energizing that particular part of the body. What manifests in the energy body will manifest in the physical body. By cleansing and energizing for specific health problems healing can be rapid and effective.

“Strength, health, longevity and vital breath are dependent upon the power of digestion including metabolism. When supplied with fuel in the form of food and drinks, this power of digestion is sustained; it dwindles when deprived of it.”
Charaka sutra sthana, Chapter 28, verse 342