Project Description



Swedana ayurvadic tent being used at our Los Angeles area spa center.Ayurvedic therapy utilizing a steam tent to promote sweating to aid in the body’s detoxification process. Aids in relieving muscular tension, restore flexibility, clear energy passages, detoxify the body and promote relaxation, circulation & rejuvenation.

A tented steam bath used in conjunction with Abhyanga. Once the herbalized oils are massaged into the skin, a steam bath tent is placed over the body which is heated from the steam allowing the nutrients in the oil to absorb and the body is able to purge any mental, emotional or physical toxins & impurities lodged deeply within the tissue. The clients head is kept outside of the steam tent which keeps the head cool and allows for a sence of calm & openness without overheating & causing stress on the body.

Full view of our swedana tent being used by a customer.